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Affordable Dedicated Server

Explore our Affordable Dedicated Server solutions, designed to meet your hosting needs without breaking the bank. Enjoy reliable performance, scalability, and dedicated resources for your projects.

Affordable Dedicated Server ​


Dedicated Server 

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Dedicated Server 

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Dedicated Server 

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Dedicated Server 

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Benefits of Our Affordable Dedicated Server


High uptime guarantees from dedicated servers reduce the possibility of outages and guarantee that your users can always access your services.


A lot of reasonably priced dedicated server providers give extensive technical support, so you always have someone to turn to when you run into problems or need help with server management duties.

Enhanced Performance

Your websites and apps will operate consistently and dependably if they have dedicated resources, such as CPU, RAM, and storage.


Because you are in complete control of the server environment, you may install particular apps, change software configurations, and adjust security settings to suit your needs.


A dedicated server is a physical server that allows you to use its resources exclusively. As a result, a Dedicated Server offers the most support for your web applications, resulting in peak performance. You may also anticipate to have total control over customising and running a personalised environment for your organisation as a single tenant.

Because of its long running duration and ability to manage large traffic loads, you won’t have to bother your neighbours any more.On a dedicated server, your web application will execute at full speed. As a result, large companies that do vital operations, E-Commerce sites, and high-traffic websites choose for this.In addition to the best possible outcomes, you’ll gain a host of other perks. Furthermore, when your business expands, you can quickly add additional capacity without replacing the entire server.You’ll also have more control and flexibility over server configurations, as well as the ability to install new software and, most importantly, a higher level of security.

An Affordable Dedicated Server offers cost-effective hosting solutions with dedicated resources, suitable for various projects and budgets.

Dedicated hosting not only gives you peace of mind that you’re working with cutting-edge technology, but it also helps your company to expand. Why settle for anything less than the finest when your company’s success is dependent on your server’s availability and effectiveness?

You can perform the following with dedicated hosting:

  • Scale-Ups in a Hurry
  • One-Tenant Occupancy
  • Contract-Free Hosting
  • Zero Infrastructure Costs
  • Tailored Security
  • Complete Control Over System Configurations
  • Custom Operating System Installation
  • Resources Exclusively Dedicated to Your Web Applications
  • Server Secure Security Configurations
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliant
  • Hot Swappable Chassis
  • SSD Storage

Additional Question

VPS hosting customers are allotted resources in the same way as dedicated hosting users are, however the quantity of resources available on VPS servers may not be sufficient to satisfy the demands of a website. VPS servers, for example, usually come with 2GB of RAM, but dedicated servers usually come with at least 4GB. As a result, dedicated hosting provides the same amount of control and flexibility as a VPS server, but with far more processing power.

You will be provided iDrac Enterprise and Remote Desktop login for Windows servers or SSH login for Linux servers to administer your server. iDrac will also allow you to boot to the BIOS level.

Absolutely. You’d have root access and total control over your server.

Your server will be hosted in Servergigabit Malaysia’s award-winning data centres.

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