The ultimate dedicated power & performance

Dedicated Server Hosting

We offer different ranges of high performance and cost-efficient dedicated servers, with the ability to adapt the most demanding needs of any type of company. With Server Gigabit Dedicated Hosting, you can host your website, deploy your highly-resilient infrastructure, or customize your virtual machine to fit your projects.


$128 / month
  • Single Intel Xeon E3
  • 16GB RAM Memory
  • 600GB SAS 10K Hard Disk 1 & 2
  • Hardware RAID 1
  • 100Mps Bandwidth
  • FREE Data Backup Protection


$248 / month
  • Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon E3
  • 64GB RAM Memory
  • 600GB SAS 10K Hard Disk 1 & 2
  • 600GB SAS 10K Hard Disk 3 & 4
  • Hardware RAID 5
  • 100Mps Bandwidth
  • FREE Data Backup Protection


$298 / month
  • Dual Intel Quad Core Xeon E5
  • 64GB RAM Memory
  • 600GB SAS 10K Hard Disk 1 & 2
  • 600GB SAS 10K Hard Disk 3 & 4
  • Hardware RAID 6
  • FREE Data Backup Protection
  • 100Mps Bandwidth

Features Included In Our Dedicated Server

Powerful Hard Drives

Optimize your performance with our powerful hard drives. Choose a hard drive based on your needs. If you need more space, go for HDD.

Bandwidth & Unlimited Traffic

Each dedicated server has a public bandwidth of 100Mbps to deal with occasional peak traffic. Increase your bandwidth capacity anytime if you need more.

Full Root Access

You'll have complete control over your server and resources to configure the environment that meets your needs.

DDoS Protection

DDoS protection maximize your infrastructure security and protect your applications against cyber attacks.

OS Distributions

Wide range of distributions are provided include operating systems installation (Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS) and Web management interfaces.

Flexible Control

We offer additional control panel on both Linux and Windows Dedicated Server Hosting to manage your server easily.

Why Server Gigabit Network
Dedicated Server?

Achieve more with High Performance Server
Our server hosting comes with fast and powerful processors and RAM to give your website the ability to handle heavy workload.
Uptime Guarantees
We know that efficiency and uptime mean the most to your business. Rest assured as we make sure that your site is always running just like your business.
Best Dedicated Server Malaysia- Server Gigabit Network
Reliable Support From Our Server Engineers
Your server is being monitored by our professional servers’ engineers. We diagnose and solve all your problems as soon as possible.
No More Sudden Surge In Traffic
Say good bye to sudden surge of your website traffic as now you’ve got 100Mbps shared bandwidth which is more than enough for a large amount of traffic!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dedicated server hosting is a hosting in which a server and its resources are dedicated to a single organisation or for a single purpose, such as a website. The dedicated server is rented from Server Gigabit Network and connected to our network within our data centre.
If you’re looking for the more power and control over your hosting environment, our cheap dedicated server hosting is for you. However, it’s better if you have advanced server administrative skills to manage your dedicated server.
You may access your server through iDRAC Enterprise and Remote Desktop login for Windows server or SSH Login for Linux server. Additionally, you are able to boot the BIOS level via iDRAC.
Absolutely. If you currently have a VPS hosting account with us, you can upgrade to our dedicated hosting any time. If you’re transferring an existing hosting account with third-party provider, kindly get in touch with our support team for hosting transfer service.
Sure, all you need to do is contact our support team and let them know what you need, and they will quote you accordingly.
Our support teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can reach them through our support portal.