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Acceptable Use Policy

Here at Servergigabit, we put the customers and their safety as our focal point in every service and strategy. We have prepared an Acceptable Usage Policy that is specifically designed to increase our customers’ protection. Servergigabit shields its users from any illegal, malicious, damaging, and inappropriate behaviour. All Servergigabit users are subject to the Usage Policy to prevent any risk of a data breach or theft. The Usage Policy prohibited its users from engaging in any illegal activities that is spamming and hacking among other activities. Read more

Privacy Policy

Servergigabit’s Privacy Policy only applies to the treatment of information that Servergigabit may collect from users of its product and services including visitors of the Servergigabit site. Read more

Anti-Spam Policy

In our ongoing commitment to provide efficiency in our services, Servergigabit has introduced a new, more vigilant anti-spam policy. Besides, we have implemented the following policy as part of our commitment and sheer dedication in reducing spam related policy. Read more

Refund Policy

Servergigabit will not process any refund unless it is covered by a money-back guarantee policy.

Servergigabit has a money-back guarantee policy if our services are found to be at fault, this could be because of the following reasons:

  • Service outage for more than 24 hours
  • Network/ Power outage for more than 24 hours
  • Virtual Machines that are not deployed for more than 24 hours

7-day money-back guarantee policy:

All newly registered Servergigabit customers are entitled to a 7-day money-back guarantee policy, this will start from the date the first service is deployed. Once the customer is outside of the money-back guarantee period, no refund request will be processed.

The 7-day money-back guarantee policy will be voided, if

  • The service is not in “Active” status.
  • There is an abuse report received on the specific virtual machine.
  • The specific virtual machine has over 10% usage on monthly bandwidth.
  • The IP address of the virtual machine is listed on any abuse databases.
  • The IP address of the virtual machine is blacklisted/ firewalled by the government.

*Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies payments are NON REFUNDABLE.

*Please note that promotional items or items purchased using coupon codes are strictly non-refundable as per our policy.
Refund will only allow by creating ticket to Finance Department. Self cancellation of VPS will not get any refund.

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