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SSD Windows VPS Hosting

Experience the versatility of Windows VPS hosting. Enjoy a robust, secure, and flexible solution customized to meet your requirements. Start today and unleash the power of Windows-based hosting for your projects!

SSD Windows VPS Hosting









Windows Hosting OS Available

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Windows Server 2016 Standard

Benefits of Our Windows VPS Hosting

Remote Desktop Access

Windows VPS hosting allows remote desktop access, simplifying server management from anywhere with internet. It streamlines administration, software installation, and issue troubleshooting, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.

Scalability and Resource Flexibility

Windows VPS hosting offers scalability and resource flexibility, allowing you to easily adjust server resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage according to your changing needs

Low Latency

Windows VPS runs on high-performance infrastructure, ensuring low latency for faster data transfer and improved website responsiveness, enhancing user experience

Robust Security Features

Windows VPS hosting provides robust security with automatic updates, advanced firewalls, BitLocker encryption, and integrated antivirus tools. It also offers granular user access control, comprehensive backup solutions, and secure remote desktop access, ensuring a secure and reliable hosting environment.


Microsoft Windows VPSs come with Microsoft Windows Server 2012, or 2016 pre-installed and ready to use right away. Windows VPSs from Servergigabit are tailored to our needs and can be hosted in any of our data centres.

Our customer success team will assist you in setting up your Windows VPS, and you can contact us through live chat or tickets at any time.

With VPS Windows, you’ll have access to a variety of VPS-provided features. This is a feature of the Windows Server interface that is similar to that of the Windows interface. As a result, you’ll have more software compatibility and a better user experience. In addition, compared to a dedicated server, you will save money and be able to store a wider range of data on your VPS.

For those who aren’t familiar with Linux code lines, this is a useful reference. You’ll continue to work in the same Windows desktop environment (GUI). It’s also a fantastic option to games that demand game server windows, as well as users who will be running programmes in front of windows.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard and Windows Server 2016 Standard were utilised as operating systems. It is an ideal sort of service for use as a server since it is less expensive than a dedicated server.

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