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Unlock the potential of cPanel VPS hosting. Enjoy secure, reliable, and scalable solutions customized to your requirements. Start optimizing your web hosting experience today!

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Benefits of cPanel VPS

Backup Options

To protect the data hosted on our VPS solutions, we provide two backup alternatives. You can use auto-backup to set up automatic and regular backups. The screenshot option allows you to take a screenshot of your VPS at any moment from the Server Gigabit Control Panel.​

Unlimited Traffic

Our VPS can handle up to 1Gbit/s of traffic without compromising service availability. You may hire servers that are closest to your players for the greatest latency by renting servers from data centres all around the world. It's an excellent solution for professional resellers and publishers that want exceptional performance at a reduced price.

Reliable performance

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a stable solution with low latency, thus all of our VPS solutions are powered by cutting-edge technology, NVMe SSD storage, and a highly resilient architecture. Our VPSs also provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


It is a graphical management interface based on a Linux OS (operating system). It simplifies the way you manage your website, with features that centralise management in one interface. It is compatible with our shared hosting plans, VPSs and dedicated servers.

cPanel hosting is generally a solution for hosting a website or application that uses cPanel. For example, at Server Gigabit, cPanel is used on our shared hosting services. The difference between a VPS and a shared hosting plan is in the freedom of managing it. With shared hosting, all resources are distributed between the different users of the hosting solution and it is our teams that fully maintain the solution. You cannot customise it.
A VPS, on the other hand, offers a dedicated environment. By definition, it is a virtual server that is cut from a physical machine, so you have allocated hosting space. You can add resources depending on how your activity develops. Both solutions are hosted in our own datacentres, and are available worldwide.

The setup costs for your dedicated server are covered for any commitment period of 12 months or longer.

A cPanel dedicated server is an entire server managed with this interface. All of its resources are allocated to you (CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc.). It is best suited for advanced web projects, intensive usage, and companies that require increased security.

Although the VPS has a lot in common with the dedicated server in terms of administration, some of its resources are shared. However, your environment remains private, which guarantees you excellent control over your hosted solutions, good scalability and more management flexibility.

cPanel offers various possibilities and options so you can manage your website the way you want: file, database, and domain management
email management, including contact and security controls
metrics which allow you to view your website visitors and resource usage security options with several control tools, such as 2FA and SSL application installation, platform management and PHP Softaculous App Installer, which allows you to install hundreds of applications directly from cPanel advanced tools, such as cron task management and error pages

No. You do not need to install cPanel on our cPanel VPS. Our cPanel VPS hosting come with pre-installed cPanel.

Our virtual private servers are compatible with a wide range of operating systems. You can have a VPS with Windows or Linux (including the Debian and Ubuntu VPSs). The advantage is that we can offer you solutions that you are already familiar with. Please note that Windows licences are not included with our solutions and are billed separately. Linux licences are not subject to additional billing, as they are open-source.
You can choose the OS you want to use when ordering your VPS from your Control Panel.

cPanel VPS hosting solutions only at $16.59/month*

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