Bare Metal

Stay in full control of your environment with high performance single-tenant dedicated servers.

Bare Metal Hosting Plan

Intel E3-1270v6

2 x 240 GB SSD

4 cores / 8 threads @ 3.8GHz

32GB Memory

5 TB Bandwidth

10 Gbps Network

As low as


Intel E-2286G

2 x 960 GB SSD

6 cores / 12 threads @ 4GHz

32GB Memory

10 TB Bandwidth

10 Gbps Network

As low as


Intel E-2288G

2 x 1.9 TB NVMe

8 cores / 16 threads @ 3.7GHz

128GB Memory

10 TB Bandwidth

10 Gbps Network

As low as



2 x 480 GB SSD

2 x 1.9 TB NVMe

24 cores / 48 threads @ 2.85GHz

256GB Memory

10 TB Bandwidth

25 Gbps Network

As low as


Servergigabit experts integrates high-speed networking in our hosting plan

High-speed networking

Every dedicated server instance comes with a burstable 10 Gbps network connection! Bridge the gap between your end customers with our bare metal hosting plan which comprises of low latency and high-speed throughput.

Full server control

Servergigabit’s Bare Metal servers gives you direct access to all server resources without any virtualization layer. The ideal hosting plan for resource-intensive applications or workloads that do not require virtualization or just a single tenant!

Servergigabit illustration explaining a concept
Servergigabit illustrating discovering business expert consulting with other experts

Dedicated performance

The server hardware is entirely yours, with no loud neighbours, shared resources, or CPU and IOPS resource constraints to contend with. A real single-tenant environment with none of the administrative headaches that come with typical dedicated servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS hosting is a sort of hosting that is appropriate for those who have outgrown shared hosting. VPS hosting allows fewer customers to share assigned segments of hard drive space, memory, and processing power, as opposed to shared web hosting, which allows several sites to use a single web server with no assurance of resources. On a VPS server, each user gets access to a virtual computer with its own operating system (OS). Customers that use VPS hosting get identical capabilities and performance to those who use a dedicated server for their websites and apps.

Although the two services are similar, there are several key distinctions. A VPS server allows you to create several instances on a single dedicated server. A VDS, or Virtual Dedicated Server, will accomplish the same thing, but a dedicated server will handle everything. For large projects, hosting a Virtual Private Server is the most cost-effective option. Furthermore, it provides the most devoted resources and control for a fraction of the cost of having your own physical dedicated server.

Cloud computing refers to the use of resources via a network of interconnected distant computers rather than a single dedicated system. Furthermore, cloud computing makes use of high-speed internet and, with the help of sophisticated software, can efficiently calculate a variety of demanding applications.

As a conventional server, such computing may handle, process, and store data. Furthermore, cloud computing offers numerous important advantages, including flexibility, scalability, robustness, and stability.

VPS hosting is for you if you require a lot of resources and unmatched stability, but that’s not all.

To begin with, VPS hosting offers you dedicated services.
You won’t have to share your CPU, RAM, or disc space as a result of this. As a result, you have a certain amount that you may spend at your leisure.

The nature of virtual server hosting ensures that it will remain stable. You may rest easy knowing that any times of excessive traffic will not impair the dependability of your servers because all resources are properly controlled and dispersed to the users.

Finally, the most significant benefit is that you gain root access and complete control over the resources you have been provided.

That means you can run a broad range of operating systems, work on resource-intensive projects, and accomplish a lot more than you can with shared hosting.

The customer support team, on the other hand, will only be able to assist you with inquiries about VPS hosting administration and other back-end issues.

Bare Metal solutions only at $120/month*

* The promotional price is for the first term only and renews at the regular rate.

* 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee does not extend to domain names.

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