High Performance Dedicated Server

Our high-capacity dedicated servers are developed and constructed by our own team of professionals on-site. Our servers are built with cutting-edge, next-generation components and can be customised and scaled to meet your most demanding business requirements.

Rise Dedicated Server

The most affordable servers, adapted to suit a wide range of uses.

128GB Memory

Public Bandwidth: 500 Mbit/s

SLA: 99.90%

As low as

$56.75/ month

Advanced Dedicated Servers

Versatile servers for small and medium businesses.

1TB Memory

Public Bandwidth: from 1 to 5Gbit/s

SLA: 99.95%

Confidential computing (SGX/SEV)
Private Bandwidth: from 1 to 6 Gbit/s
OVHcloud Link Aggregation

As low as

$87.84/ month

Game Dedicated Server

Servers optimised for video games and streaming platforms.

128GB Memory
Anti-DDoS Game
SLA: 99.5%

Public Bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s

As low as

$80.92/ month


Your websites and apps are powered by resources that are fully devoted to you, ensuring optimal performance. Our servers are created on-site by our own professionals, who ensure that all of your projects are configured to perfection.

Servergigabit illustration with Business Performance on the screen of a laptop surrounded by employees

High Availability

Choose a hosting service from a company such as Server Gigabit. We deploy servers in under 120 seconds, enabling for setup with a single click. You benefit from a secure, highly robust, and redundant network that guarantees low downtime with dedicated servers situated in Asia-Pacific data centres that can assure minimal latency for Malaysia.


Your IT system is adaptable to shifting company demands thanks to Server Gigabit infrastructure. Our dedicated servers provide a secure, technological foundation for your business applications, with resources expanded as needed.


We include water-cooling for energy efficiency, anti-DDoS designed by our own experts, as well as open API access and OS templates for ease-of-use in our server specifications.


To meet our clients’ most stringent security and privacy standards, Servergigabit services use security-by-design principles, and our maximum-security data centres are designed like fortresses, with the finest in security technologies and processes.


We provide a choice of distributions that may be deployed automatically using the Server Gigabit Control Panel to make getting started with your dedicated server easier.


We follow strict security standards connected with numerous industry-specific compliance frameworks to satisfy the compliance needs of each customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated server renting for Malaysian businesses is a terrific way to take advantage of a variety of capabilities and improve your online presence with Servergigabit. Each server comes with a minimum public bandwidth of 500Mbit/s, as well as a burst mode to handle peak demand.

With the exception of Asia Pacific, all incoming and outgoing traffic is limitless and free, with a bandwidth capacity that may be expanded. We also provide a variety of free operating systems that can be installed automatically using the Servergigabit Control Panel, 500GB of free and scalable backup storage space that is separate from the server, anti-DDoS security, and guidance and customer support from our expert IT teams.

High Performance Dedicated Server only at $5.59/month*

* The promotional price is for the first term only and renews at the regular rate.

* 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee does not extend to domain names.

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