Office 365

Guarantee your professional identity with suit email addresses for your domain

  • Establish your company with the efficiency tools  you that already enjoy
  • Stay connected with the cloud, and automatically upgrade your devices
  • Work with mobile-friendly functionalities from anywhere

Enterprise Digital Transformation with Office 365

Office 365 Enterprise offers the framework for organizations to comply with strict compliance requirements alongside the wide range of common productivity improvement applications. When the world’s business landscape expands, enforcement and IT requirements always change and  you’ll still be one step ahead with Office 365 Enterprise.

Email essential

$1.99 / month
  • Business-class email & calendar
  • 15 GB of Exchange Online storage
  • The familiarity of Outlook


$9.99 / month
  • + Business Plus features
  • Microsoft Office for desktop
  • Office 365 apps for tablets & smartphones
  • Automatic syncing across all devices
  • Book appointments online with Bookings
  • Additional tools like Invoicing and MileIQ

Features included with every plan

Matching email and domain

Having custom domain name email is important to ensure your business looks as professional as possible.

Access Office from anywhere

With our web-based email provider, you can access your email from any web browser or mobile device.

Stay secure and protected

Defend yourself against incoming malware and spam with frequently updated filters from Microsoft.

Guaranteed uptime

Your domain name email address will always be up and running when you need it, with our 99.9% uptime.

Team Support providetechnical support via Email, Live Chat, and Remote Access Help-Server Gigabit Network Malaysia

Need Some Help?

Our helpful customer service team is here for you. We provide onboarding assistance to get your domain name and email set up and running quickly.

And our 24/7 technical support is always here if you need it.

Productivity tools that meet your needs

The addition of your domain to Office 365 provides your company with an all-in-one management solution. You can gain cloud-based access to the Office 365 software suite, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook and more.

You can work on projects with your colleagues from around the room or across the globe with automated updates and cloud storage for your files without worrying about missing files or having to upgrade any applications. With the bookkeeping and appointment methods included you would also be able to stay on board.

Easily establish your professional identity

Make the best first impression possible for your company by using the email address of a custom domain name and Office 365 as your web-based email provider.

Tools that grow with your business

When your company size increases, so too do your resources need to expand. You will use your time more effectively with Office 365, thus saving money too. Use the resources that you already know, and still scale up for you to suit your business needs.

Familiar names that you already trust

Don’t gamble your business on unknown or imitation tools. Office 365 has stood the test of time as a cloud-based productivity tool, and is known for its reliability. Go for a trusted name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For instant online reputation, Office 365 lets you match your email address to your domain name. This is the building stone of the digital identity. And by choosing Office 365, you can be assured that the Microsoft suite of business tools will scale up with you as you need to, as your needs expand beyond email.

No problem. To build a domain-based email address, you can add the domain name which you own to Office 365.

Office suites Desktop versions are available as a one-time purchase and include applications such as Word , Excel and PowerPoint. Some versions of the software are not updated and you will need to purchase the product again when the new version is available in order to get the latest version.

You never need to buy Office again with Office 365, and never need to think about the technical help. Office 365 also gives you the additional benefit of being a cloud-based company, so that everything works together seamlessly optimum support of experience.

Office 365 offers cloud versions of Microsoft’s popular items that you use, including Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. You never need to download software patches or buy the next version of Office because it’s in the cloud; you are always up to date. It includes anything you need such as company email, calendar, instant messaging, HD video conferencing, and file sharing. All files, emails and contacts that are important to you are still can reach. All works together inside Office 365 so you can stay linked and in sync.

Office 365 runs on machines running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. It does not support Windows XP, Windows Vista, and older versions of Mac OS.