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Protect your personal data, domain, and website.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

During domain registration, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires registrars to publish their information in the public WHOIS database that can be accessed by anyone around the world. With Server Gigabit Domain Privacy Protection, your private data like name, address, phone number and email address will be redacted automatically to Secure your details and Protect your domain and website.

Protect your personal details and website

Protect your personal details

Domain Privacy Protection prevents the exposure of your personal data and safeguard your information against identity theft. There is enough data for a skilled con artist or spammer to cause serious problems for yourself or your business. Domain privacy protection conceals this information from getting into bad hands.

Minimize your risk

Avoid any unwanted attention from spammers, telemarketers and sales people. When your contact information is listed in public database, you will be easily targeted by con artists with emails and calls related to online marketing, SEO and others. Therefore, domain privacy helps to lower your risk from spammers by hiding your data.

Protect your domain and website

Domain Privacy Protection protect your domain from hackers and human error with malware scans and blacklist protection by SiteLock. Moreover, domain privacy also prevents domain hijacking, where your domain is transferred away from you by someone. You’re not only protecting your domain and your website, but also your reputation.
The Benefit of Domain Privacy Protection- Server Gigabit Network, Malaysia

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The WHOIS database identifies the owner of a specific domain name or IP address. ICANN requires domain ownership information includes the domain owner’s name, address, phone number, and email address to be made publicly available.
Yes. Domain Privacy allows you to take full control and ownership of your domain name, at the same time your personal information won’t be made public. Moreover, domain Privacy helps to prevent identity theft, unwanted spam, and the sale of your personal data. However, you can still be contacted by third parties without revealing your personal information to the public.
Most domain extensions support for Domain Privacy. This includes popular extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .co, .tv, .mobi, and so many others!
When domains get blacklisted, site traffic and marketing will be affected. Malware scanning proactively monitors your website and informs you to any code that could compromise the security and performance of your website. You will be alerted if anything should happen so you’re able to take action rapidly.
You can add Domain Privacy Protection before or after registering a domain name. However, we recommend to do it before so your personal information is never made public in the WHOIS database. If you are adding domain privacy to existing domain, your information could be made public for a while and there’s no telling who have seen it. It may take some time for all the WHOIS websites to clear their data caches and remove your information from public view.